“Why KinFix Health?”— “Why Move-Function-Perform?”—Dr. Julien R. Payne explains the inspiration behind the core principals of KinFix Health.

To help you understand, I will use the analogy of the perfect portrait—the perfect painting if you will. Behind every perfect portrait was an artist with an idea of how it should be, how it could be and how they would like it to be. They started with a thick brush for the foundation, succeeded by a thin brush to outline the preeminent elements to be illustrated. As soon as everything seemed to be progressing smoothly the artist mixes the wrong colors, smears the paint or suddenly realizes that the depiction they had for the portrait was anything short of a mere reality. So, they take a step back and make some adjustments. They start a new portrait. They use a different brush, mix the proper colors, and they draw on their experiences and acquired expertise to ensure they do not smear the paint. Eventually the artist triumphs and there is a culmination of the perfect portrait.


                  Co-Owners Dr. Julien R. Payne and Justine Halliday share similar stories.


Dr. Payne was a high level athlete owning three provincial titles in three different sports and played for Hockey’s Team Newfoundland on two occasions. From youth his hockey career looked promising only to be momentarily plagued by a diagnosis of Legg-Calve-Perthes, a condition where the head of the femur (hip) grows jagged and/or is flattened due to in-adequate blood supply. However, he did make a come back three years later at the age of 14 after persistent rehab and determination and two years later at the age of 16 found himself playing for Team Atlantic Canada at the Chowder Cup in Boston and the Yarmouth Junior A Mariners in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Shortly after though, he was again plagued by two disc herniations in his low back. He had to take a step back; he had to re-assess. Where would he go next? Ultimately, this is what lead Dr. Payne to chiropractic. He knew he wanted to help others who had been through similar circumstances. Like the artist, Dr. Payne had a vision of how it should be, how it could be and how he would like it to be—only to be afflicted by unwanted and unpredictable circumstances. Nonetheless, these experiences led Dr. Payne to the career he chose, and led to the evolution of something bigger—to the evolution of KinFix health.


Registered Massage Therapist Justine Halliday shares a similar story. Co-captaining her high school rugby team where she captured two provincial championships and playing for Nova Scotia’s U17 rugby team, Justine was touted and expected to have a promising rugby career. On the other hand, adversity struck when she was burdened by recurring knee injuries. With her all to known strong-willed personality that anyone who knows her can affirm, she made numerous comebacks only to be gridlocked by the injury that detained her in the first place. Like the artist that questioned their portrait, Justine did not have a clear image of where she would go from there. However, a person with a canny, clever mind is almost discerned to achieve excellence. Justine— like the artist and Dr. Payne— also had her vision of how it should be, how it could be and how she would like it to be. Her injuries were the unforeseen opening of a new door that led to the pursuit of her career as a Registered Massage Therapist and assisted her to reach a major milestone— becoming a Co-owner of KinFix health.


At the interface of two individuals who share similar career paths and experiences lies two individuals who share a similar vision.


Dr. Payne and Justine were destined to assist individuals recovering from injury, or to prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place. Once you have an injury, one can certainly appreciate the recovery process and what an uphill battle it can be—Not to mention how hard it must be to cope with a more chronic condition. Once dawning the title of “Athletes” it is inevitable that Dr. Payne and Justine possess a passion for movement and performance, and once having injury it is certain they express sentiment for those in pain and affliction. Amalgamate their interest in human movement and their sentiment for helping others and you arrive at the clinic name of “KinFix Health”. For those of you that do not know, “Kin” (in healthcare terms) refers to “the study of the mechanics of body movements” while “Fix” means to “mend” or “repair” something. “KinFix Health”— Simple, effective, meaningful and most importantly encompasses the true intentions of the clinic.


Now, let’s expand on this concept. Let’s expand on the concept of the “true intentions” of the clinic.


Sharing an interest in treating the athletic population was eminent from the beginning. However, Dr. Payne and Justine did not wish to limit their treatments to one specific population. In fact, both parties enthralled a mutual desire to treat a wide range of the population from differing demographic origins. Whether it be young or elderly, active or sedentary, acute or chronic pain or any other demographic, there was a collective interest to treat all populations. To simplify, their desire still stood strong to assist people in improving the efficiency of their body, or movement mechanics—as implied in the clinic name, but they did not wish to narrow this focus to a certain group of individuals. They decided that it was not important what demographic people come from. In fact, most human beings share a common goal—we all wish to be able to utilize our bodies to the best of our ability—we all wish to be able to carry out our daily task in a proficient and pain free manner—we all wish to be able to go above and beyond the call of duty when the demand is placed on us. Evidently, this common goal is what led to the true purpose and intention of the clinic. That intention and purpose is to help individuals from all demographics Move, Function and Perform better.


How will KinFix Health live up to its true intention and purpose?


KinFix Health is a multidisciplinary health clinic meaning it will host a variety of different treatment modalities aimed at achieving the same task of helping people move, function and perform better. Although one treatment modality is often enough to obtain the desired results, sometimes another method of treatment is necessary. For clarification, let’s use the example of massage and chiropractic treatment of low back pain. A massage therapist foregoes a treatment plan of five treatments over one month. Each treatment consists of Swedish Massage Technique, Cupping, grade 3 spinal mobilizations and a prescription of at home plank exercises. The patient feels great relief only to have the pain return between successive treatments. Not knowing what else to do the massage therapist refers to the chiropractor who identifies the predisposing factor leading to the return of the low back pain. The predisposing factor is decreased hip mobility—more specifically hip internal rotation. The chiropractor releases the patient’s hips, adjusts the lumbar spine (low back) and sends the patient home with corrective exercise to increase hip mobility. Low and behold the pain does not come back between successive treatments. This is a prime example of combining modalities for patient benefit. The massage was tremendous for taking the pain away and relieving joint restrictions and the chiropractor diagnosed the origin of the problem to prevent it from coming back. By hosting a variety of treatment modalities carried out by highly qualified and skilled manual therapists, KinFix Health offers everything you will need and more. Already hosting a strong foundation of massage therapy and chiropractic services, the plan is to expand and incorporate other health disciplines like acupuncture, physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine and more.


Whether you are looking to decrease pain, increase mobility or simply want to live and feel better; KinFix Health is dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate goals. It is our quest to help as many people as we can to reach their true potential. It is our quest to help YOU Move, Function and Perform better.


Want to know more about our clinic? Please visit our Facebook (kinfix health) and Instagram (@kinfix_health) pages.

Yours in Health and Wellness,


KinFix Health

5657 Spring Garden Road (Parklane Mall- Inside GoodLife Fitness)
Halifax, NS, B3J3R9
Phone: 902 425 8224
Fax: 902 425 2534
Email: kinfixhealth@gmail.com

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