How to pick the perfect delta 8 cart for you?


Think about your experience and tolerance when it comes to THC and cannabis products. Are you brand new to Delta 8 and THC in general? Or are you a seasoned consumer looking for stronger effects? Beginner THC users may want to stick with lower potency delta 8 carts in the 500-700mg range. It provides lighter, more manageable effects as you get accustomed to Delta 8. More experienced users may opt for carts with higher potencies of up to 1000mg or more. Start low and work your way up in potency. You always take another puff or two of a lower potency cart, but overdoing it with an ultra-potent option is hard to undo. Consider your experience level when evaluating cart strength.

Review lab testing and ingredients

Any reputable Delta 8 brand will provide access to lab test results showing the potency and purity of their carts. Full panel testing that checks for solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides is extremely important for safety and peace of mind. Only choose carts with recent tests (within the past 6-12 months) performed by legitimate third-party laboratories. Also, look closely at the ingredients beyond delta-8 oil. Many carts contain cannabis-derived terpenes that enhance flavor and effects. But, some use artificial flavors or thinners like MCT oil instead, which you may want to avoid. See what’s in the cart besides Delta 8 before deciding if it’s right for you.

Consider the hardware

Delta 8 cart hardware varies quite a bit between brands and products. Some key factors in the cart construction include:

  • Mouthpiece material – glass, steel, ceramic, plastic
  • Heating coil – ceramic, quartz, kanthal wire
  • Wick material – ceramic, cotton, silica
  • Construction – plastic, metal, glass

Ceramic and quartz heating elements typically provide the purest taste and vapor quality. Glass or steel mouthpieces also feel more premium.

Evaluate the cart design

Beyond the cartridge contents, also pay attention to the design and features of the cart itself.

  • Is it a screw-on 510 cart, snap-in, or magnetic connection? This affects the ease of attaching it to batteries.
  • How is the airflow – adjustable or set? Adjustability allows you to customize draw resistance.
  • Does it have a view window to see the oil level? This helps avoid running out mid-use.
  • Is there a fill hole at the bottom or top? Bottom fill holes make it easier to refill carts.
  • Does the mouthpiece retract or flip up? Retractable mouthpieces protect the cart when not in use.

Factor in your priorities around design. For example, view windows and airflow control provide helpful convenience.

Determine your preferred flavors

delta 8 carts come in many strain-inspired flavors like Pineapple Express, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel, and many more. You can also find flavorless options if you want pure, unflavored Delta 8 oil. Think about your favorite cannabis strains and terpene profiles. Do you like fruity flavors? Or maybe earthy, herbal flavors are more your style? There are so many great Delta 8 flavor options, that it helps to reflect on your preferences.

Read reviews from customers

Before committing to any Delta 8 carts, look up the brand and product online to see reviews from past customers. This gives you unbiased insights into aspects like effects, hardware performance, flavor accuracy, overall quality, and more. Brands with mostly positive feedback and satisfied customers give you confidence in the product living up to expectations. But, consistent complaints should make you cautious about that cart. Learn from other consumers’ real experiences. Look into how long the Delta 8 brand has been around and its reputation in the industry. Established companies with transparency and clear business info generally make higher quality, more trustworthy products.

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