How CBD oil can help manage canine anxiety and stress?


Dog owners have likely noticed signs of anxiety or stress in their furry companions. From separation anxiety and noise phobias to travel nerves and aggression triggers, dogs suffer from a range of issues that affect their mental health. As caring pet parents, we naturally want to ease our dogs’ worries whenever possible. Derived from hemp, CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound that preliminary research shows may help regulate mood, sleep, pain, and more in humans and animals. Proponents suggest CBD mitigates anxiety triggers by interacting with receptors throughout the body involved in functions like fear response. 

Causes & signs of anxiety in dogs

Before exploring solutions, it helps to understand why dogs get anxious in the first place. Like their human owners, pups face various situations that activate their fight-or-flight response, including:

  1. Separation from their owners 
  2. Exposure to loud noises like thunder or fireworks
  3. Travel by car or confined crates/carriers
  4. Interactions with strangers or unknown dogs
  5. Visits to unfamiliar places like the vet’s office

 CBD oil may ease anxiety

Recognize common triggers causing canine anxiety, how might CBD oil help? First, it’s important to understand CBD is not the same as marijuana. Though derived from cannabis, legal hemp-based CBD contains minimal THC (less than 0.3%), so it does not have psychoactive effects. Instead, CBD may influence cannabinoid receptors involved in regulating systems like mood, sleep, pain, and more.

  • Impact serotonin receptors to boost calmness signals
  • Reduce stress hormones like cortisol 
  • Support GABA neurotransmitter function to promote relaxation
  • Soothe amygdala activity and lessen fearful reactions  

By potentially mediating anxiety pathways in the body and brain, CBD may mitigate panic triggers, nerves surrounding specific stressors like vet visits or car rides, and feelings of general worry in dogs. More data is still needed, but these possibilities form CBD oil’s promise for managing pup anxiety.

Potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Separation anxiety relief  

Dogs with separation anxiety vocalize, destroy items, or have bathroom accidents whenever left alone. cbd oil for dogs will not suddenly resolve underlying attachment issues. But by potentially lowering dogs’ distress around triggers like owners leaving, CBD could relieve related symptoms so separation training efforts progress more smoothly.

Noise phobia support  

Loud noises like summer fireworks or winter thunderstorms frequently spark noise phobias and heightened reactivity in dogs. By regulating brain and nervous system responses, CBD may help dogs stay calmer rather than panic when those sounds and sights overwhelm them.

Car trip assistance 

Does your dog whine, drool excessively, or even get sick whenever riding in vehicles? Motion sensitivities like carsickness stem from anxious anticipation or overstimulation. CBD oil may ease such unease around travel triggers, curbing ride-related stress responses like nausea, crying, and trembling.  

Vet or grooming visit aid

Dogs often dislike visits to unfamiliar vet offices or grooming salons—two locations rife with potential stress triggers between handling, procedures, smells, and unknown people or dogs present. CBD oil could support dogs feeling fearful or reactive in these situations, lowering agitation when entering the building, waiting in the lobby, getting examined or bathed, and more. 

Generalized anxiety & stress 

Some dogs simply have nervous dispositions and feel frequently on-edge around any real (or perceived) threats. By regulating brain signalling pathways tied to processing worry, CBD can potentially calm chronically stressed dogs prone to whining, hiding, compulsive behaviors, appetite changes, and sleep trouble.



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